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Facebook as a Marketing Platform

Marketing is far from simple. However, you can try to simplify it. Case in point, to market, businesses need to be where their audience at, and Facebook is that one social media platform that people have been using for years.

But, where do you start? Or, for small and mid-sized businesses who’ve attempted before, how do you reset things and start using Facebook as a marketing platform more effectively?

These tips below can help you with that.

  1. Build a properly optimized Facebook page

Your cover photo and profile picture are two of the first things that people see on your Facebook page. In particular, your cover photo shows up in many other ways on Facebook. It shows when someone hovers over your page’s name in a post, as well as when your page appears in suggested places and so on.

Having a tagline on your cover photo that makes your page and business stand out can help draw in people and make them like your page. Then, you can start optimizing your “About” section by adding links to special pages on your website, or testimonies from happy customers. Don’t forget to add and use critical keywords throughout the section as it’s indexed in Google.

  1. Come up with a content strategy

Although having a good cover photo and “about” section can help, what really draws people in are well-timed and informative posts that are related to your business and your target market. It doesn’t even always have to be content from your business’ blog. It can be news, tips, photos and videos, as well as humorous posts that are related to your business niche.

Plan carefully, though. Posting too often can annoy your audience. Meanwhile, posting only a couple of times a week puts your business at risk of becoming irrelevant.

Start with one post a day, and gradually move on to two if the feedback is positive. Also, try to keep things organized by creating a content calendar for a week’s worth of posts, or at least, a rough layout of what you’ll want to share and when.

  1. Interact

Simple, yet very effective. Interacting is the best way to help your business’ Facebook present grow organically.

Be active. Reply to your audience’s comments on your page. Hold contests and offer discount coupons, as well as freebies for rewards. You can even comment on other business and complementary pages. The more active you are, the more people will see your business’ name, which will translate to better visibility. Also, as an added bonus, making friends with other business and complementary pages fosters good will with them, making them more likely to comment on and interact with your business.

  1. Use your personal profile

Since you are the face of your business, your audience will want to know who the man is behind the page. By using your personal profile and opening up your “follow” button, you allow yourself to connect with your audience on a more personal level. Besides, your personal profile is more visible to your actual friends and the more active you are there, the more likely your important business-related posts are seen.

Don’t worry about privacy too much. You can always create Facebook lists to help you manage who you share some of your posts with.

To not use Facebook as a marketing platform is to waste the millions of people who are on it at any given time. Make sure that you take full advantage of what Facebook has to offer for your business.


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