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Twitter for Businesses

Twitter has all the makings to be a great and effective marketing platform and promotional tool. It’s user friendly and has a dashboard that’s very use to navigate. It also has built-in analytics that can help provide you with the necessary information to optimize and improve your campaigns. While it’s true that Twitter doesn’t even boast half the users that Facebook has, 313 million active users is still a lot.

With so many users all at the same time, businesses can use Twitter to engage customers, boost its brand and quite possibly, increase sales. But, to do so, you’d have to put some effort into understanding how things work.

Fortunately, you have these tips below to help you get a running start and make use of Twitter as a marketing platform to its fullest potential.

  1. Don’t use Twitter to solely market. April Wilson, president of Digital Analytics, suggests following an 80-20 rule when it comes to using Twitter to market. This means that you should devote as much as 80 percent of your content to what your target audience wants. Meanwhile, only around 20 percent should be about promoting your own business. 
  1. Learn to follow first. Don’t just make blatant connections on twitter. Instead, follow influencers and known people on Twitter first. That way, you’ll know exactly how they use Twitter to their advantage. You can worry about connecting with them later on, once you’ve actually built up a proper reputation first. 
  1. Don’t just retweet everything. While 80 percent of your content should be relevant to your target audience, you’ll want to make sure that you retweet with care. You don’t always have to go with what your audience wants. What’s important is that your tweets and retweets are in line with your target audience’s interests. However, they should still be in line with your own brand. 
  1. Add value when you can. When you see other people asking questions, respond by giving appropriate input. Also, don’t be afraid to retweet posts from people you’re looking forward to developing relationships with, as well as post content that’s of value to others. This way, you’ll soon gain a reputation for providing valuable insight and be able to network much more effectively. 
  1. Use direct messages sparingly. Although the feature is there, you may not exactly want to use DMs. Direct messages aren’t really used by people who use Twitter, especially by those who use it for business. Only DM if you’ve already established a good relationship with the receiver, or if they’ve asked you to do so.

Twitter gives small and medium-sized businesses a more personal, human voice that’s better able to establish ongoing relationships with audiences more so than any other social media platform available today. This then allows such businesses to market to a much wider audience and retain more customers, as well as possibly go toe-to-toe with bigger companies.

Follow the tips above and make use of Twitter as a cheap, but very effective marketing platform for your small or mid-sized business.

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